How to get the best deal for Domain and Hosting at Bluehost

All right. You’ve found a domain name you like and that is still available. Good for you!

How do you get that domain and an excellent hosting deal with it?

The answer iIt’s pretty simple. Go to Bluehost. Just click the link or the pic below and follow my guide on how to get the best bang for your buck. It will look something like this.


Click on “get started now”. Next up will be a page with 3 different plans they are offering.

Bluehost-best-plan99 % of the time the “PLUS” plan will be the perfect choice for you. Basic is limited to 5 email accounts and only 100 MB storage per account. Also, you will get much much more for just $2 more when you buy the “PLUS” plan.

With unlimited email accounts and storage plus unmetered website space – you have all the freedom you will ever need. “PRIME” is a great deal too. I just won’t stay this cheap forever. Just so you know.

All right. Click on “select”under the “PLUS” plan.

On the next page you enter your domain name you want. Remember, you get 1 domain for free with at Bluehost. It says “included domains 1” in each plan.


Here you enter your new domain and pick the popular “.com”. You can choose stuff like “.biz” or “.tech”. Frankly, “.com” is ranking the best so just go with that. If that domain name is still available – grab the “.com”!

You’re almost done!

Click “next” after you put in your domain and now you will have to put in your information.

Check the green dots and the bottom of my screenshot! Make sure you don’t pay for these services. You can save a lot of money this way.


Once decided your account plan – usually 12 to 36 months – deselect all the extra options I marked with a green dot.

After that you just have to enter your credit card details and your business name, if you have one.

Agree to T&S and click “Submit” and the bottom of the page. That’s hit.